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Fine, silky, and age-worthy Merlot from the highly-esteemed Bordeaux region.

Pomerol is a top-class wine area in Bordeaux, southwest France where Merlot is the star grape. This grape loves the area’s clay soils which give wines a smooth, concentrated spicy red and black fruit core while Cabernet Franc adds structure and good acidity. Pomerol is some of the most sought-after wine in the world for its finesse and ability to age.

Located on Bordeaux’s Right Bank close to the town of Libourne, Pomerol is one of the smallest yet most revered wine-producing spots in the world. It’s home to leading châteaux like Petrus and Le Pin and Merlot is its main grape supported by Cabernet Franc. Its small vineyard area means lower production leading to a scarcity of wines from Pomerol. This results in higher prices all around with the top houses commanding huge sums for their wines. That said, there are quality entry-level Pomerols that don’t always have the flair of the top names but offer an excellent way of starting to explore the wines of this lofty region.

Fun Fact: Unlike much of Bordeaux, Pomerol doesn’t have a wine classification system. Apparently, it doesn’t need one since its wines are always highly coveted!

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