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Concentrated, fruity, earthy, and powerful red with good aging potential.

From one of the top 10 wine-producing villages in Beaujolais, Morgon is an intense red wine made from the Gamay grape. Its famous, layered, 'schist' soils make it one of the most structured, concentrated, and finest-quality Beaujolais. It becomes complex and earthy over time.

Morgon Beaujolais hails from soils west of the Saône River where all of the region’s finest Gamay wines are crafted. While its cousin Fleurie is soft, floral, and feminine, Morgon is muscular with a core of red and black fruit and firm tannic structure. These characteristics are largely down to its famous decomposing, iron-rich soil called schist, which adds layers of depth not found in other Beaujolais. Some winemakers add a small percentage of white grapes to the blend but this is a matter of taste. They also occasionally use a method called semi-carbonic maceration (the Beaujolais region is renowned for it) that enhances fruit notes.

Fun Fact: Locals have a name for Morgon’s rich, decomposing schist soil: “roches pourries” meaning “rotted rocks”.

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