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Rich, gold-standard dark fruit blend led by Cabernet Sauvignon.

One of the top wine areas in Bordeaux’s renowned Left Bank area, you can barely move in Margaux for all the mega-star châteaux! Its crème de la crème Cabernet Sauvignon red blends are admired for their full, spicy, dark fruit plus layers of earthy tobacco and age-worthy complexity.

Margaux is found in some of the world’s most pricy wine real estate in the Haut-Médoc of Bordeaux’s Left Bank. This legendary wider wine region is home to a significant proportion of what is referred to as cru classés. These are top producers as listed by the famous 1855 Classification, a record of the local chateaux aristocracy making the finest wines. Margaux itself boasts the highest number of cru classes including names like Château Margaux. While admired for its red Bordeaux blends, Margaux also turns out white wines made with Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.

Fun Fact: American President Thomas Jefferson visited the Margaux wine region and was impressed by the wines of Château Margaux in particular!

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