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Côtes du Roussillon

Concentrated spicy dark fruit and herby notes in food-friendly, great-value red blends.

Located along France’s southern coastline, Côtes du Roussillon’s diverse, rugged, sun-soaked terrain is home to an abundance of red blends made from a plethora of black grapes in styles ranging from deliciously bold to deep and elegant. A signature core of dark fruit across all reds is generous in wines from warmer spots while a tad restrained in styles from elevated cooler vineyards. Oak adds spice and structure in a potpourri of wine styles that offer excellent value, are perfect for the dinner table, and are easy drinking in all the right ways.

The adage ‘spoiled for choice’ sums up Côtes du Roussillon perfectly. There’s a vast selection of well-made wines (they don’t just make reds here!) that offer something to all tastes and are easy on the wallet. The climate, diversity of soils, and modernization of wineries over recent decades have helped produce a cornucopia of quality wines. For reds that are up a notch, look out for Fitou and Corbières.

Fun Fact: Poetically-named wind currents play a role in grape growing all over the world. Côtes du Roussillon vineyards enjoy the cooling benefits of one such gust called the Tramontane.

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