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Côtes du Rhône

Great value red blends bursting with fruit, spice, and power.

The Southern Rhône Valley basks in Mediterranean sunshine that enriches all of the grapes that grow there. The main varieties in a Côtes du Rhône blend are Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre hence the informal name GSM for short. Together, these sun-loving grapes pack this red with intense fruit and spice in a rustic, well-built wine with a good splash of alcohol. 

Côtes du Rhône is the label for huge quantities of red blends produced in the south of the Rhône Valley. Mostly made from Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, the majority are fruity, easy-drinking, simple wines made for everyday enjoyment. A step up in complexity is wine from the Côtes du Rhône Villages designation. These wines come from fruit grown around villages that follow stricter rules in the vineyard and winery resulting in more structured, supple red wines. If an individual village name also appears on a wine label, it signals that the grapes came solely from that spot and indicates even higher quality (and great value). Côtes du Rhône is a very successful blend of grapes and a formula that global winemakers passionately imitate, particularly in warm New World wine regions. 

Fun Fact: A mind-boggling number of different grapes are allowed in Côtes du Rhône reds alongside the GSM varieties.

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