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Juicy, popular red blend with abundant dark fruit and touch of spice.

Hailing from the Mediterranean sunshine of Languedoc in the south of France, Corbières is a popular red blend with ripe blackcurrant, blackberry, licorice, herbs, and baked earth. This dry red has all the features for a ‘cut-above’ crowd pleaser as well as appearing in esteemed styles from cooler vineyards making it a versatile wine for food. 

Corbières is a vineyard area in Languedoc that encompasses both the coastal plains and the rugged Pyrenean foothills of the diverse terrain of this southern French region. The Mediterranean climate is moderated by a cooling wind called the Tramontane, resulting in bold reds with a delicious balance of fruit and freshness. Wines from flatland vineyards close to the sea boast concentrated flavors while higher-altitude wines are a more restrained. For an exceptional Corbières, look out for the name Boutenac on the label.

Fun Fact: The main grape in Corbières, Carignan, used to have a poor reputation as a bulk wine for distilling as well as drinking. In recent years, its fortunes have changed with vintners appreciating its unique qualities and investing in better winemaking to turn out distinctive styles from old vines. Wine critics no longer turn their noses up at it!

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