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Alsace Pinot Noir

Food-friendly Pinot Noir that burst with red and black fruit.

From a region known for its whites, Pinot Noir from France’s northeast Alsace region stands out for its strawberry and cherry flavors. Fuller styles boast black fruit. Crisp, and lip-smacking, it’s perfect as an aperitif or with lighter dishes.

Pinot Noir lovers are in heaven in Alsace because winemakers produce rosés to deep reds from this grape. Lighter wines are lively, elegant, and packed with red fruit. The fuller styles are silky, well-structured wines with a core of black fruit and a long finish. A region famous for its cuisine, Alsace has all the reds it needs for perfect food pairing in one grape!

Fun Fact: Pinot Noir is the only black grape allowed in Alsace. It appears in rosé, red, and sparkling wine.

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