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Plavac Mali

Bold dry red wine from Croatia featuring blackberry, dark cherry, dried fruit, black pepper, and spice with a pleasingly bitter hint.

One of Croatia’s most planted grapes, Plavac Mali explodes with spicy red and black fruit, peppery notes, and hints of smoke in a full-bodied, mouth-filling red that knocks your socks off! If you’ve been seeking a big wine to pair with a powerful dish, look no further than a Plavac Mali. 

If you’ve already enjoyed a glass of Zinfandel or Primitivo, you’re on your way to loving a bottle of Plavac Mali. In the 1990s, grape researchers discovered that these varieties are closely related, which is why they produce similarly dense, powerhouse reds. Predominantly grown along the Dalmatian Coast, Plavac Mali is often cultivated in bush vines, plants that are purposely positioned low to the ground for protection against wind, yielding lower quantities of high-quality, concentrated berries. So distinctive is this variety, that it was the first in Croatia to gain its own appellations (prestigious official wine categories) in Dingač and Postup, in South-Central Dalmatia. Big, layered, and bold with just the right amount of complexity, Plavac Mali is one for the “powerful red” bucket list!

Fun Fact: The name "Plavac Mali" translates loosely into "small blue" in reference to this grape's small size and distinctive blue color.

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