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Popular tart, light Austrian red with spicy red fruit plus hints of licorice and chocolate.

Zweigelt is a cross between the eminent Austrian grapes Blaufrankisch and Saint Laurent, displaying a signature core of fresh raspberry, strawberry, spice, and elegance. Peppery, delicate chocolate notes give Zweigelt a pleasing lift. This wine is ideal as an aperitif and is so light and tart that, unusually for reds, it’s enjoyable chilled. It also pairs well with light roast meat dishes as well as cheesy kinds of pasta.

Zweigelt is the most-widely planted black grape in Austria, appearing across every wine region, which is a testament to its popularity. This black grape is found in single-grape (varietal) wines as well as blends with international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in an Austrian take on Bordeaux blend wines. Zweigelt also appears in sweet styles. The best wines hail from Burgenland and the Neusiedlersee, so look for these names on the label if you want an especially finessed style.

Fun Fact: Although created in 1922, Zweigelt didn’t get its current moniker until the 1970s. Before this, its name was Rotburger but it was confused with a similarly named German wine so Austrian winemakers decided it was time to come up with a new, distinct label.

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