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Saint Laurent

Dark fruit in an acclaimed velvety Austrian red with spicy tobacco and hints of dark chocolate.

Saint Laurent is a black grape that flourishes across Austria’s key wine regions. It turns out wines that are enjoying growing stardom thanks to their layers of stewed cherry, plum, and blackberry in a silky, complex body with notes of spice and tobacco. Saint Laurent’s downy tannins give a pleasing but deceptive impression of softness but this wine has the structure to match roast game, rich vegetable dishes, and BBQ recipes. The finest examples age beautifully.

Saint Laurent grows throughout central Europe but it’s in Austria that it has earned a top-tier reputation and become one of the country’s leading black grape varieties. This grape is often compared to the iconic Pinot Noir variety owing to its elegance, character, and food-friendly nature. Some researchers even say that Saint Laurent is related to the French variety but the jury is still out on this claim. In any case, if you’re a Pinot Noir fan, you’ll enjoy this Austrian red as a punchier expression of wines from the French grape.

Fun Fact: Saint Laurent is one of the parents of the popular Austrian black grape Zweigelt. The other parent is Blaufränkisch, also a black grape.

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