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Australian Semillon

Light to medium-body fresh white wine with lemon, honey, herb notes, and toast, made in dry, sweet, young, and age-worthy styles.

Australian Semillon showcases the creativity of local winemakers with several delicious styles made across the country’s wine regions. Whether it’s an aged, toasty, honey-toned wine, a sweet expression, or a vibrant, herbaceous style, there’s an Australian Semillon for all tastes and wallets.

Semillon flourishes in Australia with adventurous vintners trying different locations and winemaking techniques over the years to arrive at the delicious range of wines to pick and choose from. Hunter Valley in the east is famed for its age-worth styles featuring toasty honey notes while Barossa Valley and Margaret River are known for light, lively, herbaceous expressions. Interestingly, the high-volume, wine-producing region Riverina in South Eastern Australia is the home of dessert Semillon, a complex, cellar-worthy style. If Semillon is your thing, you’ll be spoiled for choice with Australia’s varied selection.

Fun Fact: Semillon first arrived in Australia in the 1830s and immediately found a spiritual home in Hunter Valley, a spot that's world-famous for its wines made from thsi grape.

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