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Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon

Bold, dry, food-friendly red wine with layers of dark fruit and spicy oak.

Located in South Australia, Barossa Valley is one of the country’s premium wine regions with the perfect climate for quality Cabernet Sauvignon. A core of concentrated blackberry, black currant, and cassis, hints of spice and mint chocolate shine boldly in a deep, velvety wine. This robust red is available as everyday table wine as well as age worthy styles and is perfect with bold dishes that match its power. 

Barossa Valley’s journey to wine stardom started in the 1830s when European settlers, notably from Germany, arrived in the area and planted grape cuttings brought from their homelands. Today this eminent region is known for its old vines and some of Australia’s most long-standing vineyards dating back to the 19th century are located here. Its Mediterranean climate has cool pockets at higher altitudes which, along with diverse soil types, enables the production of a huge range of wine styles to suit different wallets.

Fun Fact: Cabernet Sauvignon is the world’s most widely-planted black grape variety so no surprise it has its own international celebration day on August 30th.

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