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Spätzle Wine Pairings


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Spätzle pairs well with wines that provide a refreshing contrast or enhance its creamy, mild flavors. Dry German Riesling, Blaufränkisch, Loire Chenin Blanc, and Roero Arneis are all excellent choices for this versatile dish.

Best wine pairings with Spätzle

Dry German Riesling will pair well with Spätzle due to its bright acidity and capacity to cut through the richness of the dish. Spätzle, often buttery and creamy, benefits from the Riesling's crisp and tart profile, enhancing each bite. The gasoline aroma, typical of Riesling, adds an intriguing contrast to the mild flavor of Spätzle. This pairing brings out the subtle flavors of the dish while balancing its texture.

Blaufränkisch from Austria is a great match for Spätzle. Its sour cherry and spice notes add depth to the dish, while the wine’s tartness complements the buttery texture of Spätzle. The peppery undertones provide a nice contrast to the mild, creamy flavors of the dish. This red wine adds an element of complexity without overpowering the Spätzle.

Loire Chenin Blanc, with its fruity depth and good acidity, pairs well with Spätzle. The wine’s fresh orchard and tropical fruit flavors bring a refreshing brightness to the dish. Good acidity helps to balance the creamy texture of Spätzle, and the wine's versatility ensures that it complements various versions of the dish, from plain to those with added cheese or herbs.

A less common pairing for Spätzle

Roero Arneis from Italy, with its fresh and fruity profile, is a less typical but excellent pairing for Spätzle. Apple, peach, and citrus flavors add a refreshing contrast to the dish, while hints of nutmeg and almond enhance its creamy texture. A touch of honey in the wine brings out the subtle sweetness of the Spätzle, making for an interesting and harmonious pairing.

What wine goes with Spätzle?

Spätzle, a traditional German pasta, is a versatile dish often enjoyed with butter, cheese, or herbs. Its creamy and rich texture calls for wines that can provide a refreshing contrast or enhance its flavors. Dry German Riesling offers bright acidity and intriguing aromas that complement Spätzle's mild flavors. Blaufränkisch adds depth with its sour cherry and spice notes, while Loire Chenin Blanc brings a fruity brightness with good acidity. For those looking for something off the beaten path, Roero Arneis from Italy adds fresh and fruity flavors with a hint of nutmeg and almond, enhancing the dish’s creamy texture.

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