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Soppressata Pizza Wine Pairings


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Pairing wines with Soppressata Pizza involves balancing bold flavors and good acidity to complement the dish's spice and richness. Chianti Classico, California Zinfandel, Dolcetto, and Australian Grenache each offer distinct yet harmonious pairings for this flavorful pizza.

Best wine pairings with Soppressata Pizza

Chianti Classico is a great match for Soppressata Pizza. The wine's red cherry and plum flavors complement the spicy and savory notes of the soppressata. The distinct herbal notes and spice in the wine mirror the aromatic herbs often found in the pizza's sauce. The balancing acidity of Chianti Classico cuts through the richness of the cheese, making each bite more enjoyable. The earthy hints in the wine add depth to the overall flavor profile of the meal.

California Zinfandel pairs wonderfully with Soppressata Pizza. The bold, jammy red and black fruit flavors stand up to the robust taste of the soppressata. The layers of licorice, black pepper, and spice in the wine resonate with the pizza's spicy elements. Vanilla, mocha, and tobacco notes from oak aging add complexity, enhancing the savory and smoky flavors of the dish. This wine's big, expressive profile ensures a memorable pairing.

Dolcetto from Piemonte is another excellent choice with Soppressata Pizza. This deeply-colored red wine boasts black fruit and a hint of tartness that balances the pizza's rich cheese and meaty soppressata. The violet notes add a floral touch, enhancing the aromatic experience. The firm structure of Dolcetto ensures it holds its own against the robust flavors of the pizza, providing a well-rounded pairing.

A less common pairing for Soppressata Pizza

Grenache from Australia is a less typical but fantastic pairing for Soppressata Pizza. This wine bursts with fresh red and black fruit, which complements the savory and spicy notes of the soppressata. The spice in the wine aligns with the pizza's seasoning, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. A gentle lift of tartness balances the richness of the cheese, ensuring a refreshing contrast. This pairing offers a unique and delightful twist to your meal.

What wine goes with Soppressata Pizza?

Soppressata Pizza, with its spicy Italian salami, rich cheese, and savory tomato sauce, offers a robust and flavorful profile. Pairing wines with this dish requires a balance of bold flavors and good acidity to complement the spice and richness. Chianti Classico, with its red cherry and plum notes, herbal elements, and balancing acidity, enhances the pizza's flavors. California Zinfandel's bold fruit and spice notes resonate well with the dish's robust taste. Dolcetto's black fruit, firm structure, and hint of tartness provide a well-rounded pairing. For an off-the-beaten-path choice, Australian Grenache offers fresh fruit and spice with a gentle tartness, creating a unique and enjoyable experience.

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