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Shrimp Tempura Wine Pairings


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Shrimp Tempura pairs well with wines that have bright acidity and refreshing fruit notes to balance the dish's crispy and light nature. Recommended wines include Chablis, Champagne, dry German Riesling, and Margaret River Chardonnay.

Best wine pairings with Shrimp Tempura

Chablis is an excellent choice to pair with Shrimp Tempura. Its crisp acidity and mineral notes will cut through the fried batter, creating a refreshing balance. The green apple and citrus flavors will complement the shrimp's sweetness, enhancing its natural flavors. This dry white wine from the Burgundy region will also add a subtle complexity without overpowering the dish.

Champagne is a fantastic match for Shrimp Tempura. The bubbles and high acidity will cleanse your palate between bites, while the lemon and peach notes align beautifully with the shrimp. The toasty and almond flavors from the traditional method of production can add a delightful contrast to the fried batter. Champagne's creamy texture will also provide a luxurious mouthfeel that pairs well with the dish's crispy texture.

Dry German Riesling offers a unique pairing with Shrimp Tempura. Its bright acidity and slightly off-dry nature can balance the richness of the fried shrimp. The wine's citrus and green apple notes will enhance the shrimp's sweetness, while its famed gasoline aroma adds an intriguing depth. This versatile wine will bring out the best in the tempura without overwhelming it.

A less common pairing for Shrimp Tempura

Margaret River Chardonnay is a less typical but excellent choice for Shrimp Tempura. This Australian wine boasts concentrated citrus and stone fruit flavors that pair wonderfully with the shrimp. Its fresh and complex style, along with a touch of oak, can add an extra layer of flavor to the dish. The wine's tartness will also help balance the tempura's fried elements, making each bite enjoyable.

What wine goes with Shrimp Tempura?

Shrimp Tempura, a popular Japanese dish, consists of shrimp coated in a light batter and deep-fried to a crispy perfection. The dish's delicate shrimp and crispy batter can be complemented by wines with bright acidity and refreshing fruit notes. Chablis, with its crisp and lightly fruity profile, offers a refreshing balance. Champagne's bubbles and high acidity cleanse the palate, while dry German Riesling's citrus and green apple notes enhance the shrimp's natural sweetness. For a less common choice, Margaret River Chardonnay provides a fresh and complex pairing with its concentrated citrus and stone fruit flavors.

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