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Short Rib Beef Panang Wine Pairings


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Pairing wine with Short Rib Beef Panang requires balancing the dish's rich, spicy, and creamy elements. Recommended wines include German Pinot Noir, Chianti Classico, Rioja, and the less typical Listán Negro.

Best wine pairings with Short Rib Beef Panang

German Pinot Noir will pair well with Short Rib Beef Panang due to its mid-weight body and fruity notes. The Panang sauce's rich, spicy, and creamy elements will be balanced by the Pinot Noir's acidity and subtle earthiness. This wine often has layers of mushroom and woodland notes, which complement the savory and umami flavors in the short ribs. The wine's red fruit characteristics will also provide a refreshing contrast to the dish's deep, complex flavors.

Chianti Classico, made from Sangiovese grapes, is an excellent match for Short Rib Beef Panang. The wine's balancing acidity and earthy hints will cut through the richness of the Panang sauce, while its red cherry and plum notes will harmonize with the dish's sweet and spicy elements. The herbal notes and spice in Chianti Classico will complement the aromatic spices used in the Panang curry, enhancing the overall flavor profile.

Rioja, made primarily from Tempranillo grapes, is another great option for pairing with Short Rib Beef Panang. The wine's cherry and plum notes will complement the sweet and spicy flavors of the Panang sauce. Depending on its aging, Rioja can offer refreshing fruity notes or more complex, mature flavors, both of which will enhance the depth of the dish. The wine's food-friendly nature ensures it will not overpower the rich and savory short ribs.

A less common pairing for Short Rib Beef Panang

Listán Negro, a distinctive red from Spain, offers a unique pairing for Short Rib Beef Panang. The lively red fruit and spicy hints in this wine will complement the sweet and spicy elements of the Panang sauce. The earthy tones and subtle banana notes, derived from its special production method, will add an intriguing layer to the pairing. Reflecting the volcanic terroir of its region, Listán Negro's vibrant character will stand out against the rich, savory flavors of the short ribs.

What wine goes with Short Rib Beef Panang?

Short Rib Beef Panang is a rich and flavorful dish featuring tender short ribs cooked in a creamy, spicy Panang curry sauce. This Thai-inspired dish combines sweet, salty, and spicy elements, making it a complex and satisfying meal. When selecting a wine to pair with it, consider wines that can balance the dish's richness and complement its deep, savory flavors. German Pinot Noir, with its fruity and earthy notes, Chianti Classico, with its balancing acidity and herbal hints, and Rioja, with its cherry and plum characteristics, all offer excellent pairing options. For a less typical choice, Listán Negro brings a unique blend of lively red fruit, spicy hints, and earthy tones that will enhance the dish's complexity.

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