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Sea Scallop Tiradito Wine Pairings


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Key pairing considerations for Sea Scallop Tiradito include wines with good acidity and complementary fruit notes to enhance the dish's delicate, fresh flavors. Recommended wines include New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Muscadet, Godello, and Merwah from Lebanon.

Best wine pairings with Sea Scallop Tiradito

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent match for Sea Scallop Tiradito. The tropical fruit flavors such as passionfruit and guava complement the natural sweetness of the scallops. The wine's good tartness helps to cut through the rich texture of the scallops and enhances the dish's citrusy marinade. Additionally, the herbaceous notes from the cooler South Island styles can add a fresh, green dimension to the pairing.

Loire Muscadet offers a different yet equally fitting option for Sea Scallop Tiradito. The wine's high acidity and light green fruit notes align beautifully with the delicate flavors of the scallops. The gentle saline notes are reminiscent of the ocean, enhancing the seafood essence of the dish. Muscadet's dry profile ensures it won't overpower the tiradito's subtle citrus marinade.

Godello from Spain brings another dimension to the pairing with its zesty citrus fruit and balancing saltiness. The wine's fresh and lively character matches well with the fresh scallops, while the slight saline lift echoes the oceanic origins of the dish. If the Godello has been oaked, the honey and nutty notes can add an interesting layer to the overall flavor profile.

A less common pairing for Sea Scallop Tiradito

Merwah from Lebanon is a less typical yet intriguing choice for Sea Scallop Tiradito. This wine's rich citrus and nutty notes complement the sweetness of the scallops. Its refreshing acidity balances the dish's citrusy marinade. The unique terroir-driven expression of Merwah can bring an exotic twist to this seafood dish, making it a memorable pairing.

What wine goes with Sea Scallop Tiradito?

Sea Scallop Tiradito is a Peruvian dish often featuring thinly sliced raw scallops marinated in a tangy citrus-based sauce, sometimes with a touch of heat from peppers. Given its delicate and fresh flavors, choosing a wine with good acidity and complementary fruit notes is key. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc offers vibrant tropical fruit and refreshing tartness, while Loire Muscadet brings high acidity and saline notes. Godello adds a zesty citrus profile with a hint of salt, and the less typical Merwah from Lebanon introduces rich citrus and nutty notes with refreshing acidity. Each wine adds a unique dimension to the dish's flavor profile.

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