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Raclette Wine Pairings


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Pairing wine with Raclette involves balancing the rich, creamy cheese with refreshing, palate-cleansing elements. Recommended wines include Alsace Pinot Gris, Burgundy Chardonnay, dry German Riesling, and Jacquère from eastern France.

Best wine pairings with Raclette

Pinot Gris from Alsace will pair beautifully with Raclette. This wine's gently sweet profile can balance the rich, melted cheese, and its rich texture will complement the dish's hearty nature. The touch of almond in some styles of Pinot Gris will harmonize with the nutty flavors often found in melted cheese. Plus, the good splash of alcohol will help cut through the creamy consistency of Raclette, providing a refreshing contrast.

Burgundy Chardonnay is another excellent choice for Raclette. The light-bodied, citrusy expressions of this wine provide a bright contrast to the rich, gooey cheese. If you opt for a more premium, layered, oak-aged style, the subtle oak and buttery notes will enhance the cheese's flavors. The versatility of Burgundy Chardonnay allows it to either refresh the palate or complement the dish's creamy texture, depending on the style chosen.

A dry German Riesling will work wonderfully with Raclette. The zesty citrus and plush stone fruits in the wine offer a vibrant counterpoint to the dish's richness. German Riesling's balancing acidity helps cleanse the palate between bites, preventing the cheese from becoming too overwhelming. Additionally, the wine's light body ensures that it won't overpower the delicate flavors of the dish.

A less common pairing for Raclette

Jacquère from eastern France is a less typical but fantastic option for Raclette. This fresh alpine wine has lively citrus and orchard fruit flavors that can cut through the rich, melted cheese. The herbaceous notes in Jacquère add a unique dimension to the pairing, bringing out the subtle herbs often found in the Raclette accompaniments. Its regional expression makes it a delightful companion to this traditional Alpine dish.

What wine goes with Raclette?

Raclette, a traditional dish from the Swiss and French Alps, features melted cheese served with potatoes, pickles, and cured meats. Pairing wine with Raclette involves balancing the dish's rich, creamy texture with refreshing, palate-cleansing elements. Wines with good acidity, like dry German Riesling, or those with a touch of sweetness, like Alsace Pinot Gris, can complement the cheese while cutting through its richness. Burgundy Chardonnay offers versatile pairing options, from light to oak-aged styles, enhancing different aspects of the dish. For a less common but equally delightful pairing, Jacquère from eastern France brings fresh citrus and herbaceous notes that beautifully contrast with the melted cheese and its accompaniments.

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