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Rabbit with Mustard Wine Pairings


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Rabbit with mustard pairs well with wines that balance its creamy and tangy flavors. Recommended wines include Burgundy Chardonnay, Burgundy Pinot Noir, Loire Pinot Noir, and Gattinara.

Best wine pairings with Rabbit with Mustard

Burgundy Chardonnay will pair well with rabbit with mustard because the dish's creamy texture and tangy mustard sauce complement the wine's citrusy and lightly buttery notes. The oak-aged complexity with layers of hazelnut and truffle in the Côte de Beaune variety can enhance the savory depth of the rabbit. The wine's good tartness and rich minerality will balance the richness of the dish, providing a refreshing contrast.

Burgundy Pinot Noir is a versatile choice for rabbit with mustard. Its light body and red-fruit flavors like tart cherry can complement the mild taste of rabbit. The earthy truffle notes from oak-aging echo the rustic quality of the mustard sauce. The smooth structure of this wine pairs well with the tender texture of the rabbit meat, enhancing the overall harmony of flavors.

Loire Pinot Noir offers a lighter, fresher alternative. The red cherry and raspberry aromas, along with gentle herbal notes, match well with the subtle flavors of the rabbit. The wine's lively feel and elegant structure can balance the creaminess of the mustard sauce. Its gentle spiciness adds an extra layer of interest to the pairing, making it a refreshing choice.

A less common pairing for Rabbit with Mustard

Gattinara, a Nebbiolo-based wine from Piemonte, Italy, is an off-the-beaten-path option. Its rich dried fruit and good acidity can balance the creamy mustard sauce. The rustic, earthy backbone of Gattinara complements the gamey notes of the rabbit. The wine's complex flavors can elevate the dish, making it an intriguing pairing choice.

What wine goes with Rabbit with Mustard?

Rabbit with mustard is a classic French dish featuring tender rabbit meat cooked in a creamy mustard sauce. The mustard adds tanginess while the cream provides richness, creating a balanced yet complex flavor profile. Wines like Burgundy Chardonnay, with its citrusy and lightly buttery notes, or Burgundy Pinot Noir, with its tart cherry and earthy truffle flavors, can enhance this dish. Loire Pinot Noir offers a fresher alternative with red cherry and herbal notes, while Gattinara brings an interesting twist with its rich dried fruit and earthy backbone. Each wine brings out different aspects of the dish, making the meal more enjoyable.

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