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Quiche Lorraine Wine Pairings


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Pairing wines with Quiche Lorraine involves balancing its rich custard and savory bacon with wines that have refreshing acidity and complementary flavors. Options like Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Mâcon, and Savagnin provide diverse and enjoyable pairings.

Best wine pairings with Quiche Lorraine

Pinot Blanc from Alsace is a great match for Quiche Lorraine. The refreshing and easy-drinking nature of Pinot Blanc, with its vibrant orchard and stone fruit flavors, complements the creamy and savory custard of the quiche. The hint of almond in the wine echoes the rich, buttery crust of the quiche, while the touch of spice adds a pleasant complexity. This wine's lightness won't overpower the delicate flavors of the dish, making for a balanced pairing.

Pinot Noir from Alsace offers a different but equally appealing pairing for Quiche Lorraine. With its strawberry and cherry flavors, this red wine brings a fruity contrast to the quiche's savory elements. The crisp and lip-smacking acidity of the Pinot Noir cuts through the richness of the cheese and bacon, refreshing the palate. Its lighter body ensures it doesn't overwhelm the dish, making each bite and sip enjoyable.

Mâcon from southern Burgundy is another excellent choice for Quiche Lorraine. Made from Chardonnay, this white wine's ripe, creamy profile with layers of stone and tropical fruit complements the rich custard and bacon in the quiche. The fresh citrus and green apple notes add a refreshing element that balances the dish's richness. This combination enhances both the wine and the quiche, creating a cohesive tasting experience.

A less common pairing for Quiche Lorraine

Savagnin, a less typical choice, provides a unique pairing for Quiche Lorraine. This ancient grape variety offers a dry, elegant white wine with citrus, stone, and tropical fruit notes, plus a nutty undertone. The vibrant tartness of Savagnin cuts through the richness of the quiche, while its complex flavors add depth to the overall taste. This pairing brings an interesting twist to a classic dish, making it a memorable match.

What wine goes with Quiche Lorraine?

Quiche Lorraine is a classic French dish featuring a savory custard filled with cheese, bacon, and sometimes onions, all nestled in a buttery crust. When pairing wines with this dish, it's essential to consider both the richness of the custard and the savory elements of the bacon. Wines that offer a refreshing acidity and complementary flavors can enhance the dish without overpowering it. Options like Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Mâcon provide different but harmonious pairings, while a wine like Savagnin offers a unique and interesting match.

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