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Pesto Pizza Wine Pairings


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Pesto pizza's rich and complex flavors call for wines that can balance the cheese's richness and enhance the basil's freshness. Recommended pairings include Verdicchio, Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc, Gavi, and Roero Arneis.

Best wine pairings with Pesto Pizza

Verdicchio's fragrant peach and lemon notes, combined with its salty hints, make it a wonderful match for pesto pizza. The fresh basil and garlic in the pesto are complemented by the citrus elements, while the wine's delicate oily feel pairs well with the cheese and olive oil often found on the pizza. The bitter almond finish of Verdicchio adds an extra layer of complexity that enhances the nutty undertones of the pine nuts in the pesto.

Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc, with its vibrant green fruit and freshly mown grass tones, pairs beautifully with pesto pizza. The wine's crisp acidity cuts through the richness of the cheese, while the herbal hints harmonize with the fresh basil in the pesto. The deep texture and mineral-rich character of this wine also add an interesting contrast to the pizza's flavors, making each bite more enjoyable.

Gavi, made from the Cortese grape, offers notes of fresh lemon and honeydew melon that work well with the flavors of pesto pizza. The super-dry nature of Gavi balances the richness of the cheese, while the florals and orchard fruit layers enhance the freshness of the basil. When aged, Gavi develops delicate almond notes that can beautifully echo the pine nuts in the pesto.

A less common pairing for Pesto Pizza

Roero Arneis from Piemonte brings a fresh and fruity profile with apple, peach, and citrus hints, making it a less typical but excellent pairing for pesto pizza. The touch of nutmeg and honey in the wine complements the savory and slightly sweet elements of the pesto. The almond finish resonates with the pine nuts, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

What wine goes with Pesto Pizza?

Pesto pizza, with its vibrant basil pesto, garlic, pine nuts, and cheese, offers a rich and complex flavor profile that pairs well with various white wines. Verdicchio's citrus and salty notes, Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc's green fruit and grassy tones, and Gavi's lemon and melon flavors all complement different aspects of the pizza. Roero Arneis, with its fruity and slightly nutty profile, offers an off-the-beaten-path pairing that enhances the dish's flavors. These wines not only balance the richness of the cheese but also highlight the freshness of the basil and the nuttiness of the pine nuts.

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