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Mozzarella Wine Pairings


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Pairing mozzarella with wines that have good acidity and complementary flavors enhances the cheese's mild and creamy profile. Vermentino, Pinot Grigio, Gavi, and white Saint-Joseph are all excellent choices to elevate the enjoyment of mozzarella.

Best wine pairings with Mozzarella

Vermentino from Italy brings a bright, citrusy profile that pairs wonderfully with mozzarella. The fresh lemon, lime, and grapefruit notes in Vermentino complement the creamy and mild flavors of the cheese. The wine's edge of almond adds an interesting contrast to the smooth texture of mozzarella. Additionally, the floral and tart green apple highlights in Vermentino enhance the simple yet delightful taste of the cheese, making each bite refreshing and engaging.

Pinot Grigio, another Italian white wine, offers a burst of citrus and green apple that aligns beautifully with mozzarella. Its good acidity balances the creaminess of the cheese while the light body keeps the pairing clean and crisp. The touch of florals in Pinot Grigio adds a subtle complexity that enhances the mozzarella's delicate flavors. Sourced from Italy's northeast, this wine's versatility and refreshing qualities make it an excellent match for mozzarella.

Gavi from Piemonte, Italy, is a superb match for mozzarella. Made from the Cortese grape, Gavi is known for its super-dry profile with notes of fresh lemon and honeydew melon. The light and crisp nature of Gavi complements the soft texture of mozzarella, while the orchard and stone fruit flavors add a layer of complexity. The delicate almond notes that develop with aging provide a nuanced finish that pairs well with the simplicity of mozzarella.

A less common pairing for Mozzarella

White Saint-Joseph from France offers a less typical but equally delightful pairing with mozzarella. Made from Marsanne and Roussanne grapes, this wine features fresh lemon, peach, and apricot flavors in a rich, floral, and honeyed texture. The almond lift in the wine matches well with the smooth, creamy texture of mozzarella. The refreshing qualities of white Saint-Joseph bring out the best in the cheese, making each bite more enjoyable and layered.

What wine goes with Mozzarella?

Mozzarella, a beloved cheese known for its mild flavor and creamy texture, pairs well with wines that have vibrant acidity and complementary flavors. Vermentino's citrus and almond notes enhance the cheese's simplicity, while Pinot Grigio's light body and green apple profile create a refreshing match. Gavi, with its super-dry and crisp nature, brings an added layer of complexity with its orchard and stone fruit notes. For a less conventional choice, white Saint-Joseph's rich texture and stone fruit flavors offer a delightful pairing with mozzarella. These wines highlight different aspects of mozzarella, elevating the overall enjoyment of the cheese.

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