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Mole Negro Wine Pairings


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When pairing wines with Mole Negro, consider the dish's rich, sweet, and spicy complexity. Excellent wine options include Saint Laurent, Barbera, California Zinfandel, and Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc.

Best wine pairings with Mole Negro

Saint Laurent from Austria pairs wonderfully with Mole Negro. The layers of stewed cherry, plum, and blackberry in the wine complement the rich, deep flavors of the mole sauce. Its notes of spice and tobacco add an extra dimension that matches the complexity of mole, which often includes ingredients like chocolate, chili peppers, and various spices. The downy tannins of Saint Laurent offer a pleasing softness that balances the robust and hearty nature of the dish.

Barbera from Italy is another excellent choice for Mole Negro. The wine's sour red and black fruit flavors provide a refreshing contrast to the rich, sweet, and spicy elements of the mole. Barbera's complex layers and relatively high acidity can cut through the dish’s dense sauce, offering a balanced and enjoyable pairing. This wine also brings a touch of earthiness that complements the traditional ingredients in mole, such as nuts and seeds.

California Zinfandel is a bold option that pairs well with Mole Negro. Its jammy red and black fruit flavors and layers of licorice, black pepper, and spice mirror the complex flavors of the mole sauce. The vanilla, mocha, and tobacco notes from oak aging add further depth, making it a great match for the dish’s intricate and multi-layered profile. The wine’s boldness and full body can stand up to the rich and intense flavors of mole.

A less common pairing for Mole Negro

Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc is a less typical but highly suitable pairing for Mole Negro. This wine’s spicy red fruit and herby hints enhance the dish’s complex flavor profile. Whether you choose the deeper, more structured version or the lighter, more elegant style, the wine’s savory characteristics and subtle herbaceousness harmonize beautifully with the various spices and ingredients in mole. Its versatility makes it a fascinating choice for those looking to try something off the beaten path.

What wine goes with Mole Negro?

Mole Negro is a traditional Mexican dish featuring a complex sauce made with ingredients such as chili peppers, chocolate, spices, nuts, and seeds. The sauce is rich, sweet, spicy, and deeply flavorful. When pairing wines with Mole Negro, it’s important to consider the dish’s complexity and robust flavors. Saint Laurent from Austria, Barbera from Italy, and California Zinfandel from the USA are all excellent choices, each bringing unique elements that complement the dish. For a less typical pairing, Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc from the USA offers a versatile and savory option that enhances the mole's intricate profile.

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