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Hazelnuts Wine Pairings


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Key considerations for pairing wine with hazelnuts include matching the nut's rich, earthy flavors with wines that offer complementary or contrasting notes. Recommended wines include Napa Valley Chardonnay, Fino Sherry, Vermentino, and Ruché.

Best wine pairings with Hazelnuts

Napa Valley Chardonnay will pair well with hazelnuts due to its range of flavors and textures. The wine's citrus and stone fruit notes will contrast nicely with the earthy, slightly sweet taste of hazelnuts. The touch of oak in some styles of Napa Valley Chardonnay adds a hint of smokiness that complements the nutty flavors. Additionally, a barrel-aged Chardonnay with tropical fruit can bring out the subtler, sweeter aspects of the hazelnuts, making for a balanced and enjoyable pairing.

Fino Sherry is a great match for hazelnuts, offering vibrant, nutty hints that echo the flavors of the nuts themselves. The wine's light body and citrus notes add a refreshing contrast to the denser texture of hazelnuts. Fino Sherry's unique bready notes, derived from its aging process, will enhance the natural richness of the hazelnuts. The high alcohol content provides a robust backdrop, making each bite and sip more pronounced and enjoyable.

Vermentino from Italy pairs wonderfully with hazelnuts due to its fresh citrus and tart green apple flavors. These crisp notes provide a refreshing counterpoint to the rich, buttery texture of hazelnuts. The wine's subtle floral and almond undertones also harmonize beautifully with the nutty flavors. Light and easy-drinking styles of Vermentino will keep the pairing from becoming too heavy, while more layered, oaked versions can add a touch of complexity.

A less common pairing for Hazelnuts

Ruché, a red wine from Piedmont, offers a less typical but intriguing pairing with hazelnuts. Its red and black fruit flavors bring a fruity contrast to the rich, earthy taste of hazelnuts. The subtle spice and delicate floral undertones of Ruché add layers of complexity to the pairing. With its refreshing tartness and balanced tannins, Ruché complements the nutty richness without overwhelming the palate.

What wine goes with Hazelnuts?

Pairing wine with hazelnuts involves considering the nut's rich, slightly sweet, and earthy flavor profile. Hazelnuts are versatile and can be enjoyed on their own or as part of various dishes, making them a unique pairing challenge. Napa Valley Chardonnay, with its range of citrus, stone fruit, and oak notes, offers a versatile option. Fino Sherry provides a nutty, citrusy contrast that enhances the natural flavors of hazelnuts. Vermentino, with its fresh lemon, lime, and almond undertones, adds a refreshing counterpoint to the nuts' richness. For a less typical option, Ruché from Piedmont brings a fruity, complex profile that complements the nutty flavors in an interesting way.



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