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Gyro Wine Pairings


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Pairing a gyro with wine involves balancing its rich, savory meat and fresh, tangy components. Excellent choices include Etna Bianco, Malagousia, Xinomavro, and Altesse.

Best wine pairings with Gyro

Etna Bianco is a great match for a gyro. The subtle citrus and orchard fruits of this Sicilian white highlight the fresh veggies typically found in a gyro, while its delicate floral notes complement the herbs in tzatziki sauce. The wine's signature tartness balances the rich, savory flavors of the gyro meat, making each bite more enjoyable. Over time, the nuanced honey and petrol notes can add another layer of depth to this pairing.

Malagousia pairs well with a gyro due to its intense yet soft citrus and stone fruit flavors. These flavors enhance the lemony tang often found in gyro seasoning and tzatziki sauce. The wine's powerful florals and fine acidity offer a refreshing contrast to the savory meat and creamy yogurt, while its brush of minerality interacts nicely with the smoky, grilled character of the gyro meat.

Xinomavro, a red wine from Greece, complements a gyro with its tart raspberry, cherry, and plum flavors. These fruit notes can highlight the savory spices in the gyro meat. The wine's earthy and spicy elements match well with the robust flavors of the dish, while its powerful structure supports the rich, fatty components of the meat and sauce.

A less common pairing for Gyro

Altesse from France's Savoie region offers a less typical but highly interesting pairing for a gyro. Its concentrated fruit and herbal hints bring out the variety of flavors in the gyro, from the fresh veggies to the seasoned meat. The fresh tartness balances the richness of the meat and tzatziki, while the nutty complexity adds a unique twist to the overall flavor profile.

What wine goes with Gyro?

A gyro is a beloved Greek dish featuring seasoned meat, typically beef or lamb, cooked on a vertical rotisserie, then sliced and served in a pita with fresh vegetables and creamy tzatziki sauce. The meat's rich, savory flavors and the tangy, herbaceous notes of the sauce call for a wine that can balance and enhance these elements. Etna Bianco offers citrus and floral notes that complement the gyro's fresh ingredients. Malagousia's citrus and stone fruit flavors pair well with the dish's lemony and herbal components. Xinomavro provides tart berry and earthy flavors that match the gyro's robust profile, while Altesse introduces a unique blend of concentrated fruit and herbal hints.

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