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Gravy Wine Pairings


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Gravy pairs well with wines that can balance its rich and savory flavors. Consider White Bordeaux, Red Jura, Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, or the less typical White Pessac-Leognan for a unique and enjoyable pairing.

Best wine pairings with Gravy

White Bordeaux, with its Sauvignon Blanc-led blends, is a wonderful pairing for gravy. The cut-grass notes and vibrant acidity of the wine can refresh the palate between bites, cutting through the richness of the gravy. The bright citrus flavors also add a layer of complexity that pairs well with the savory and umami notes in gravy. This balance of freshness and richness makes for an enjoyable complement to the dish.

Red Jura, particularly those made from Poulsard grapes, pairs nicely with gravy. This wine's tart red fruit flavors and light body add a refreshing contrast to the rich, savory elements of gravy. The acidity in Red Jura can cleanse the palate, making every bite of the dish feel new and exciting. Its unique profile brings an interesting dimension to the table.

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, with its bold flavors and structured tannins, is an excellent match for gravy. The wine's rich, dark fruit notes can complement the deep flavors of the gravy, while its tannins help to balance the dish's richness. This combination creates a satisfying and well-rounded pairing that enhances the overall enjoyment of the meal.

A less common pairing for Gravy

White Pessac-Leognan, with its complex blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, is a less typical yet intriguing choice for pairing with gravy. The wine's candied lemon, grapefruit, and peach notes provide a refreshing contrast to the dish's savory elements. The nutty and beeswax hints add depth, complementing the umami flavors in the gravy. This pairing offers a sophisticated experience that stands out from more traditional options.

What wine goes with Gravy?

Gravy, a rich and savory sauce made from meat drippings, often has a deep umami flavor that pairs well with a variety of wines. White Bordeaux offers bright acidity and citrus notes that refresh the palate. Red Jura brings tart red fruit flavors and light body, providing a refreshing contrast. Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon's bold flavors and structured tannins complement the dish's richness. For a less common choice, White Pessac-Leognan offers complex fruit and nutty notes, adding a sophisticated layer to the meal.

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