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Fried Calamari Wine Pairings


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Pairing wines with fried calamari involves balancing its crispy texture and mild flavor with wines that offer refreshing acidity and complementary notes. Assyrtiko, Cava, Albariño, and Merwah each provide unique profiles that enhance the dish in different ways.

Best wine pairings with Fried Calamari

Assyrtiko from Greece is a great match for fried calamari. This wine's rich citrus and stone fruit flavors, along with its white floral notes, complement the crispy and slightly salty nature of the calamari. The tartness and minerality from the volcanic soils cut through the oiliness of the fried dish, making each bite feel lighter. Assyrtiko's versatility and elegance make it a refreshing partner for seafood, especially when fried.

Cava, the sparkling wine from Spain, is another excellent option for pairing with fried calamari. Its citrus, yellow fruit, and almond notes align well with the mild flavors of the calamari. The bubbly texture and brioche notes from the traditional method of production add a pleasant contrast to the crispiness of the fried batter. The gentle tartness of Cava also helps cleanse the palate between bites.

Albariño from Spain is known for its refreshing citrus and stone fruit notes, which make it a fantastic pairing for fried calamari. The wine’s mouth-watering acidity and slight salinity from its Atlantic Ocean proximity enhance the seafood flavors in the calamari. The aromatic and fruity profile of Albariño complements the dish’s texture, making each mouthful more enjoyable.

A less common pairing for Fried Calamari

Merwah from Lebanon is a less typical but intriguing choice for fried calamari. This wine's unique blend of rich citrus and nutty notes, along with its refreshing acidity, pairs well with the crispy and light flavors of the calamari. The indigenous Lebanese grape adds a distinct character to the pairing, showcasing both the dish and the wine in a new light. The refreshing wash of acidity helps balance the fried elements, making it an unexpected but delightful match.

What wine goes with Fried Calamari?

Fried calamari, a popular seafood dish, is often enjoyed for its crispy texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. The dish's crunchy exterior and tender inside make it a versatile partner for many wines. Assyrtiko from Greece offers a citrus and mineral profile that cuts through the oiliness. Cava from Spain adds a bubbly texture and brioche notes that complement the crispiness. Albariño, another Spanish wine, brings refreshing acidity and a touch of salinity that enhance the seafood experience. For a unique twist, Merwah from Lebanon provides rich citrus and nutty notes with a refreshing acidity, making it an off-the-beaten-path but excellent pairing.

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