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Fondue Wine Pairings


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For pairing with fondue, consider wines with good acidity and complementary flavors to balance the dish's rich, nutty, and savory profile. Recommended wines include Chablis, Riesling from Alsace, Loire Chenin Blanc, and Chasselas from Switzerland.

Best wine pairings with Fondue

Chablis pairs wonderfully with fondue due to its crisp and lightly fruity profile. The fresh green apple and citrus notes in Chablis complement the rich, creamy texture of the melted cheese. The mineral notes add an extra layer of complexity and the bright acidity helps to cut through the heaviness, providing a refreshing contrast. This Chardonnay-based wine from Burgundy offers a balanced experience that enhances the nutty and savory flavors of the fondue.

Riesling from Alsace is another excellent choice for fondue. Its zesty citrus and plush stone fruits mingle beautifully with the cheese, adding a touch of sweetness that balances the dish's saltiness. The good acidity of Riesling cleanses the palate between bites, preventing the cheese from becoming overwhelming. The versatility of this grape ensures that it pairs well with the variety of flavors often found in a fondue spread, making it a reliable and enjoyable option.

Loire Chenin Blanc offers a unique pairing experience with fondue. The fruity depth of fresh orchard and tropical fruits provides a refreshing contrast to the rich, melted cheese. Its good acidity helps to cleanse the palate, while the wine's complexity adds an extra dimension to the meal. Whether you choose a dry or slightly sweet style, the Chenin Blanc's versatility makes it a great match for the varied flavors in fondue.

A less common pairing for Fondue

Chasselas from Switzerland is a less typical but fantastic choice for fondue. This wine’s vibrant acidity and orchard fruit notes enhance the flavors of the cheese. The blossom and mineral tones add a delicate complexity that pairs well with the nutty undertones of the fondue. As it matures, Chasselas develops honey and nutty characteristics that complement the creamy texture of the dish, creating a delightful and well-rounded pairing.

What wine goes with Fondue?

Fondue, a traditional Swiss dish often made with melted cheeses like Gruyère and Emmental, is rich and creamy with nutty and savory flavors. Pairing wine with fondue requires a balance of acidity to cut through the richness and complementary flavors to enhance the dish. Chablis, with its crisp green apple and citrus notes, offers a refreshing contrast. Alsace Riesling’s zesty citrus and stone fruits add a touch of sweetness and balance. Loire Chenin Blanc provides fruity depth and good acidity, while Chasselas from Switzerland, with its vibrant acidity and orchard fruit notes, offers a uniquely regional pairing. Each of these wines brings different elements to the table, enhancing the fondue experience in its own way.

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