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Egg Rolls Wine Pairings


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Pairing wines with egg rolls involves selecting options that complement the savory filling and crispy texture. Recommended wines include Blanc de Noirs Champagne, Chablis, Beaujolais Nouveau, and Fer Servadou.

Best wine pairings with Egg Rolls

Blanc de Noirs Champagne pairs well with egg rolls because the gentle strawberry, raspberry, and cherry notes complement the savory filling. The apple notes and spice brush add depth, enhancing the flavors of both the egg roll and the wine. The bready notes and fine, creamy bubbles echo the crispiness of the egg roll wrapper, creating a satisfying balance. The fresh and fruity profile of the Champagne also cuts through the richness of the egg rolls, making each bite feel lighter.

Chablis is a great match for egg rolls because its crisp and lightly fruity character, with green apple and citrus notes, complements the savory and sometimes slightly sweet flavors of the filling. The bright acidity of Chablis cuts through the richness, refreshing the palate between bites. The mineral notes add an interesting contrast to the texture and flavor of the egg rolls, enhancing the overall enjoyment. The dry style of Chablis ensures that the pairing remains balanced and not overly sweet.

Beaujolais Nouveau, with its vibrant red fruit flavors and light, refreshing profile, pairs nicely with egg rolls. The red fruit and subtle cinnamon notes add an interesting contrast to the savory filling, while the wine's light body doesn't overpower the delicate flavors of the egg rolls. The refreshing nature of Beaujolais Nouveau helps cleanse the palate, making each bite feel fresh. Its fun and charming character also brings an element of excitement to the meal.

A less common pairing for Egg Rolls

Fer Servadou offers a less typical but enjoyable pairing with egg rolls. The concentrated red and black fruit flavors bring a rich and deep contrast to the savory filling. The floral and herby notes add layers of complexity, making each bite more interesting. The powerful tart lift balances the richness of the egg rolls, preventing the pairing from feeling too heavy. This rustic and approachable wine enhances the overall flavor experience.

What wine goes with Egg Rolls?

Egg rolls, a popular appetizer in many Asian cuisines, typically feature a savory filling wrapped in a crispy shell. This dish, often filled with vegetables, meat, or seafood, benefits from wines that can complement its varied textures and flavors. Blanc de Noirs Champagne, with its fresh fruit notes and creamy bubbles, enhances the crispiness of the egg rolls. Chablis, a crisp and acidic white wine, cuts through the richness of the filling while adding refreshing citrus and mineral notes. The light and fruity profile of Beaujolais Nouveau brings a fun contrast to the savory flavors, while Fer Servadou, with its concentrated fruit and herby notes, offers a deeper and more complex pairing experience. Each wine brings a unique element to the meal, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

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