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Egg Foo Yung Wine Pairings


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Egg Foo Yung's rich, savory, and umami flavors call for wines that can balance and enhance these characteristics. White Jura, dry German Riesling, Greco di Tufo, and Jurancon Sec are all excellent choices to complement this dish.

Best wine pairings with Egg Foo Yung

White Jura pairs well with Egg Foo Yung because its delicate pear and herbaceous, nutty notes complement the savory flavors of the dish. The above-average alcohol content helps cut through the richness of the egg and any accompanying sauces. The wine's tartness provides a refreshing contrast to the umami flavors in the dish. The nutty notes in White Jura also enhance the texture and taste of the egg and vegetables in Egg Foo Yung.

Dry German Riesling is another excellent choice for pairing with Egg Foo Yung. This wine's crisp acidity and tartness balance the rich, savory elements of the dish. The iconic gasoline aromas and complex flavors add an interesting dimension to the meal, making each bite more enjoyable. Dry German Riesling's versatility means it can handle the diverse ingredients in Egg Foo Yung, from the eggs to the vegetables and any accompanying sauces.

Greco di Tufo from Italy offers a lively orchard and exotic fruit profile with herby, honey notes, making it a fitting match for Egg Foo Yung. The wine's good, balancing tartness helps to cleanse the palate between bites, while its richly-textured body can stand up to the dish's robust flavors. The herby notes in Greco di Tufo accentuate the fresh vegetables, while the honey notes add a subtle sweetness that complements the dish's umami characteristics.

A less common pairing for Egg Foo Yung

Jurancon Sec, a less typical choice, bursts with fresh citrus and orchard fruit, which pairs wonderfully with Egg Foo Yung. The wine's lively tartness cuts through the dish's richness, offering a refreshing contrast. As it ages, Jurancon Sec develops spicy notes that add complexity to the pairing. This wine's unique profile enhances the diverse flavors in Egg Foo Yung, from the savory eggs to the crisp vegetables and any accompanying sauces.

What wine goes with Egg Foo Yung?

Egg Foo Yung is a Chinese-American dish made from eggs, vegetables, and often some form of protein like shrimp or pork, all bound together and pan-fried. This dish has a rich, savory flavor profile with umami notes from the protein and sauces, and a variety of textures from the vegetables. Pairing a wine with Egg Foo Yung involves balancing its richness and enhancing its diverse flavors. White Jura, with its nutty and tart characteristics, and dry German Riesling, with its crisp acidity and complex aromas, both offer refreshing contrasts. Greco di Tufo provides a richly-textured, herby profile, while the less common Jurancon Sec brings fresh citrus and spicy notes to the table.

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