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Crêpes Suzette Wine Pairings


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Crêpes Suzette's rich, buttery crêpes and sweet, tangy orange sauce require wines that balance their flavors. Recommended wines include Demi-sec Champagne, Bonnezeaux, Gewürztraminer, and Zibibbo.

Best wine pairings with Crêpes Suzette

Demi-sec Champagne will pair wonderfully with Crêpes Suzette. The wine's semi-dry sweetness complements the caramelized sugar and Grand Marnier sauce in the crêpes, while its citrus and ripe stone fruit flavors harmonize with the fresh orange zest. The toasty notes of the Champagne add a layer of complexity, enhancing the buttery richness of the crêpes. This sparkling wine's refreshing tartness cuts through the dish's sweetness, creating a balanced and enjoyable pairing.

Bonnezeaux, a sweet white wine from the Loire Valley, is an excellent choice for Crêpes Suzette. Its opulent dried stone fruit and honey flavors mirror the caramelized orange sauce, creating a harmonious match. The vibrant acidity in Bonnezeaux balances the richness of the butter and sugar in the crêpes, ensuring the pairing doesn't become overly sweet. The floral notes in the wine add a sophisticated touch, enhancing the overall sensory experience of the dish.

Gewürztraminer from Alsace offers a bold, aromatic pairing for Crêpes Suzette. The wine's lush lychee and mango flavors complement the citrus and caramel elements of the dish, while its rose petal notes add an intriguing floral dimension. Gewürztraminer's slight sweetness aligns well with the sugary sauce, and its robust character stands up to the rich, buttery crêpes, making for a well-rounded and satisfying combination.

A less common pairing for Crêpes Suzette

Zibibbo, a less common white wine from Sicily, provides a refreshing and balanced option for Crêpes Suzette. Its fresh citrus and stone fruit flavors align beautifully with the orange sauce, while the light floral notes add a subtle complexity. The wine's vibrant tanginess cuts through the dish's sweetness, and its pleasing minerality enhances the buttery, caramelized elements. Although Zibibbo is dry, its lively fruitiness offers a hint of sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the crêpes.

What wine goes with Crêpes Suzette?

Crêpes Suzette, a classic French dessert, features thin crêpes served with a sauce of caramelized sugar, butter, and Grand Marnier, often flamed tableside. The rich, buttery crêpes combined with the sweet, tangy orange sauce call for wines that can balance these flavors without overwhelming them. Demi-sec Champagne offers a refreshing tartness and toasty notes that complement the dish. Bonnezeaux's honeyed fruitiness and acidity provide a harmonious match. Gewürztraminer's bold aromatics and slight sweetness make it a robust pairing. For a less typical choice, Zibibbo from Sicily offers vibrant tanginess and a hint of sweetness that pairs well with the crêpes.

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