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Coppa Wine Pairings


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Pairing wines with coppa involves balancing its rich, savory, and fatty qualities. Recommended wines include Etna Rosso, Lambrusco, Madiran, and Freisa, each bringing unique characteristics to enhance the coppa.

Best wine pairings with Coppa

Etna Rosso's elegance and fragrant red fruit make it a wonderful match for coppa. The wine's dried herbs complement the seasoning used in the coppa, while the minerality from the volcanic soil adds depth. The high-altitude vineyards where Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Capuccio are grown contribute to the wine's refined tannins, which balance the fattiness of the coppa. This pairing brings out the nuanced flavors of both the wine and the meat.

Lambrusco is a fantastic choice to pair with coppa. Its gentle tartness and effervescent nature cut through the richness of the coppa, refreshing the palate. The red cherry and strawberry notes enhance the meat's natural sweetness, while the slight sweetness of the wine balances the savory flavors of the coppa. Additionally, the sparkling quality of Lambrusco adds a playful touch to the pairing.

Madiran, with its full-bodied and powerfully-built profile, pairs excellently with coppa. The intense spicy blackcurrant and blackberry flavors stand up well to the robust nature of the cured meat. Licorice notes from oak aging add complexity, while the tannat grape's structure and tannins handle the coppa's fat content effectively. This pairing offers a rich and satisfying experience.

A less common pairing for Coppa

Freisa from Piemonte provides an interesting and less typical pairing for coppa. Its vibrant tartness and powerful tannins balance the rich and fatty texture of the coppa. The red fruit and earthy notes in Freisa enhance the savory flavors of the meat, while the hint of sweetness offers a pleasing contrast. This wine's unique characteristics make it a compelling choice to explore with coppa.

What wine goes with Coppa?

Coppa, a traditional Italian cured meat, is known for its rich and savory flavors. It is made from the neck or shoulder of the pig and seasoned with spices and herbs, then dry-cured. The fattiness and robust taste of coppa call for wines that can either complement or balance these qualities. Etna Rosso offers elegance and minerality, making it a refined pairing. Lambrusco's effervescence and slight sweetness refresh the palate, while Madiran's intense black fruit and structure stand up to the meat's richness. For a less common option, Freisa's vibrant tartness and earthy notes provide a unique contrast to the coppa.



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