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Candied Apples Wine Pairings


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Pairing considerations for candied apples include balancing the sweetness of the candy coating with complementary and contrasting flavors in the wine. Recommended wines include Canadian Ice Wine, Bonnezeaux, Moscatel de Setúbal, and Margaret River Chardonnay to highlight different aspects of the dish.

Best wine pairings with Candied Apples

Canadian Ice Wine pairs beautifully with candied apples due to its lively stone and exotic fruit notes, which complement the sweetness of the apples. The wine's honey and citrus flavors add layers of complexity that enhance the caramelized sugar in the apples. Its velvety texture and mouth-watering acidity provide a refreshing contrast to the sticky, sweet coating on the apples, making each bite more enjoyable. This pairing balances sweetness with acidity, creating a well-rounded flavor profile.

Bonnezeaux, with its opulent dried stone fruit and honey notes, is a great match for candied apples. The floral and honeyed elements harmonize with the sugary coating of the apples, while its vibrant acidity cuts through the sweetness. This balancing act brings out the natural fruit flavors in both the wine and the dessert. Additionally, the wine's age-worthiness and complexity add a touch of sophistication to the pairing.

Moscatel de Setúbal's rich honeyed stone fruit and citrus notes make it an excellent companion for candied apples. The wine's smooth, luscious texture mirrors the candy coating, while its balancing tart lift prevents the pairing from becoming overly sweet. The addition of floral and spice notes enhances the overall flavor experience, making each bite and sip more intriguing.

A less common pairing for Candied Apples

Margaret River Chardonnay offers a fresh and complex style that pairs surprisingly well with candied apples. Its concentrated citrus and stone fruit flavors align nicely with the apple's natural sweetness, while the wine's fresh acidity adds a crisp contrast. The complexity of the Chardonnay, with its layers of flavor, brings out the nuanced tastes in the candied apples, making this less typical pairing a memorable one.

What wine goes with Candied Apples?

Candied apples, a treat often enjoyed during autumn festivals, consist of fresh apples coated in a hard sugar shell. The sweetness of the candy coating requires a wine that can balance and complement these flavors. Canadian Ice Wine, with its lively fruit and honey notes, and Bonnezeaux, with its opulent flavors and vibrant acidity, are both excellent choices. Moscatel de Setúbal offers rich honeyed and citrus notes that align well with the dish, while the fresh and complex Margaret River Chardonnay provides an off-the-beaten-path pairing option. Each of these wines brings out different aspects of the candied apples, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

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