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Burrata Wine Pairings


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The key pairing considerations for burrata include balancing its rich, creamy texture and delicate flavor with a wine that offers refreshing acidity and complementary notes. Recommended wines include Greco di Tufo, Chablis, Pinot Grigio, and Vignoles.

Best wine pairings with Burrata

Greco di Tufo from Campania, Italy, is a lovely match for burrata. Burrata’s creamy and delicate texture complements the wine’s lively orchard and exotic fruit notes. The herby and honey undertones of Greco di Tufo add depth to the pairing, while its good balancing tartness cuts through the richness of the cheese. This harmony of flavors and textures makes each bite and sip more enjoyable.

Chablis from the Burgundy region of France pairs beautifully with burrata. Its crisp and lightly fruity character, with notes of green apple and citrus, provides a refreshing contrast to the creamy cheese. The mineral notes and bright acidity of Chablis enhance the burrata’s flavors without overpowering them. This balance creates a clean and delightful pairing.

Pinot Grigio from Italy’s northeast corner is an excellent choice with burrata. This well-crafted wine bursts with citrus and green apple, adding a refreshing element to the rich cheese. Its light body and good acidity help to cleanse the palate, making each bite of burrata feel light and enjoyable. The touch of florals in the wine complements the cheese’s delicate flavor.

A less common pairing for Burrata

Vignoles from New York state offers a less typical but delightful pairing with burrata. Its honeyed stone fruit and citrus notes harmonize with the cheese’s creamy texture. The crisp acidity of Vignoles provides a nice counterbalance, preventing the pairing from becoming too heavy. This combination allows both the wine and burrata to shine together.

What wine goes with Burrata?

Burrata, a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, is known for its rich, creamy texture and delicate flavor. Choosing the right wine to pair with burrata can enhance its subtle qualities. Greco di Tufo with its orchard and exotic fruit notes and good tartness, Chablis with its crisp and lightly fruity character, and Pinot Grigio with its citrus and green apple flavors are all excellent choices. For those looking to try something less typical, Vignoles from New York state provides a delightful match with its honeyed stone fruit and citrus notes. Each of these wines offers a unique way to enjoy burrata.

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