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Blood Pudding Wine Pairings


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Pairing wine with blood pudding involves balancing its rich, savory flavors with wines that offer acidity, robust fruit, and complementary savory notes. Recommended options include Chinon, Barossa Shiraz, Barolo, and Alentejo.

Best wine pairings with Blood Pudding

Chinon, from France's Loire Valley, pairs well with blood pudding due to its fresh red fruit and herbal hints. The tartness of the Cabernet Franc grape cuts through the richness of the blood pudding, balancing its intense flavors. The touch of spice in the Chinon complements the savory and slightly spicy notes often found in blood pudding recipes. Additionally, its lighter body ensures that it won't overwhelm the dish, making it a harmonious partner.

Barossa Shiraz, from Australia, is an excellent choice for blood pudding. The wine's savory black fruit core and layers of tobacco, mocha, and earth match well with the deep, iron-rich flavor of the blood pudding. The robust structure and bold flavors of the Shiraz can stand up to the hearty nature of the dish, while its savory notes align with the pudding's meaty characteristics. The wine’s excellent aging potential also means it has a complexity that can bring out hidden nuances in the dish.

Barolo, a renowned red from Italy’s Piemonte region, offers a finessed blend of tart cherry, dried herbs, and rose petals that pairs beautifully with blood pudding. The Nebbiolo grape's natural acidity and tannins help to cleanse the palate, while the wine's truffle and tar notes add an earthy dimension that complements the dish's rich, savory flavors. Barolo's complexity and depth bring an elegant touch to the pairing, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the meal.

A less common pairing for Blood Pudding

Alentejo, from Portugal, is a less typical but intriguing choice for blood pudding. This region's red blends, featuring blueberry, plum, violet, and dark chocolate, offer a rich and layered profile that can enhance the dish's flavors. The wine's versatility and balance make it well-suited to the pudding's dense and savory nature. The dark chocolate notes add a subtle sweetness that can provide a pleasant contrast to the savory blood pudding.

What wine goes with Blood Pudding?

Blood pudding, also known as black pudding, is a traditional dish made from pork blood, fat, and grains, seasoned with a variety of spices. Its rich, savory flavor profile makes it a unique pairing challenge. Wines with acidity, robust fruit, and savory notes can balance the pudding's intensity. For example, Chinon's fresh red fruit and herbal hints, Barossa Shiraz's savory black fruit and mocha layers, and Barolo's tart cherry and earthy complexity all complement the dish in distinct ways. Alternatively, Alentejo's rich red blends from Portugal offer an off-the-beaten-path pairing with their layered fruit and dark chocolate notes.

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