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Arancini Wine Pairings


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For arancini, consider wines that balance the dish's rich and creamy interior with its crispy exterior. Etna Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, and Pecorino each offer unique characteristics that complement and enhance the flavors of arancini.

Best wine pairings with Arancini

Etna Bianco pairs well with arancini due to its crisp acidity and citrus notes, which cut through the rich, creamy interior of the fried rice balls. The subtle orchard fruits and delicate florals complement the flavors of the cheese and herbs often found in arancini. Over time, Etna Bianco develops waxy honey and petrol notes, adding depth to the pairing. The volcanic soil of Mount Etna imparts a distinct minerality that enhances the savory elements of the dish.

Pinot Grigio is another excellent choice for arancini. Its bright citrus and green apple flavors provide a refreshing contrast to the fried exterior. The light body and good acidity of Pinot Grigio make it a palate cleanser, enhancing each bite of the arancini. The touch of florals in the wine also complements the herbaceous notes often found in the dish.

Prosecco, with its dry, sparkling nature, pairs wonderfully with arancini. The bubbles help to cleanse the palate from the richness of the fried rice balls. Prosecco’s tart lemon and fruity notes, such as peach and apple, add a refreshing touch. It's an ideal match for light, fried dishes like arancini, making each bite feel lighter and more enjoyable.

A less common pairing for Arancini

Pecorino, a less typical choice, pairs intriguingly with arancini. Its ample pear, peach, and melon notes bring a fruity brightness to the dish. The wine's tartness and minerality cut through the fried exterior, while the notes of hay add an earthy complexity that complements the savory elements of arancini. This pairing highlights the unique characteristics of both the wine and the dish.

What wine goes with Arancini?

Arancini, fried rice balls often stuffed with cheese, meats, and herbs, are a beloved Italian snack. The dish's rich and creamy interior contrasts with its crispy exterior, offering a delightful textural experience. Wines like Etna Bianco and Pinot Grigio bring acidity and citrus notes that cut through the richness, while Prosecco's bubbles cleanse the palate. Pecorino, with its fruity and mineral notes, offers an off-the-beaten-path pairing that enhances the dish's savory flavors. Each of these wines brings out different aspects of the arancini, making for a varied and enjoyable meal.

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