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Antipasti Wine Pairings


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Antipasti's diverse flavors require wines that can complement and enhance without overwhelming. Prosecco, Vermentino, Champagne, and Poulsard are all excellent choices to pair with this traditional Italian appetizer.

Best wine pairings with Antipasti

Prosecco pairs wonderfully with antipasti. The light and refreshing bubbles help cleanse the palate between bites of the diverse flavors found in antipasti, such as marinated vegetables, cured meats, and olives. The tart lemon and fruity notes of peach and apple in Prosecco complement the salty and savory elements of the dish without overwhelming them. Its dry nature ensures that the wine remains crisp and refreshing throughout the meal.

Vermentino is another excellent choice for antipasti. Its fresh lemon, lime, and grapefruit flavors brighten up the palate, making it a great match for the variety of flavors in antipasti. The tart green apple and subtle almond notes in Vermentino also enhance the taste of marinated vegetables and seafood typically found in antipasti. The wine's lively acidity ensures it can stand up to the tangy and sometimes oily components of the dish.

Champagne can elevate the antipasti experience. Its bone-dry nature and steady stream of bubbles make it a perfect match for the salty and fried elements often present in antipasti. The fresh lemon, peach, and almond flavors in Champagne provide a refreshing contrast to the rich flavors of cured meats and cheeses. The creamy texture of Champagne also adds a luxurious touch to the overall pairing.

A less common pairing for Antipasti

Poulsard is a less typical but intriguing option for antipasti. This pale red wine with fruity and earthy notes can complement the diverse flavors in antipasti, such as mushrooms and cured meats. The wine's subtle earthiness and mushroom notes add depth to the pairing, enhancing the umami flavors in the dish. Its light and refreshing character ensures it won't overpower the delicate flavors of marinated vegetables and seafood.

What wine goes with Antipasti?

Antipasti is a traditional Italian appetizer consisting of a variety of items such as marinated vegetables, cured meats, olives, cheeses, and seafood. The key to pairing wine with antipasti is to match its diverse and flavorful components with wines that can complement and enhance these flavors without overwhelming them. Prosecco's light bubbles and fruity notes, Vermentino's fresh citrus flavors and lively acidity, and Champagne's bone-dry nature and creamy texture are all excellent choices. For a less typical option, Poulsard's pale red fruitiness and earthy notes can add an intriguing dimension to the pairing.

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