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Anchovy Broccoli Pasta Wine Pairings


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Anchovy Broccoli Pasta's bold and savory flavors benefit from wines that offer bright acidity and complementary fruit notes. Greco di Tufo, Vermentino, Assyrtiko, and Furmint are all excellent choices that enhance the dish's complex profile.

Best wine pairings with Anchovy Broccoli Pasta

Greco di Tufo is a fantastic match for Anchovy Broccoli Pasta. The wine's orchard and exotic fruit notes complement the salty and umami flavors of anchovies, while its herbal and honey hints enhance the broccoli's earthy profile. The balancing tartness of Greco di Tufo refreshes the palate, cutting through the richness of the oil and anchovies. This wine's versatility, ranging from fresh and early drinking to oak-aged and richly textured, allows it to adapt well to the various elements of the pasta dish.

Vermentino from Italy pairs beautifully with Anchovy Broccoli Pasta. The fresh lemon, lime, and grapefruit notes brighten the dish, while the tart green apple adds a crisp counterpoint to the savory anchovies. The floral hints and almond edge in Vermentino bring an added layer of complexity, harmonizing with the broccoli's subtle flavors. Its lively nature and occasional stone fruit presence make it a delightful wine to enjoy with this pasta.

Assyrtiko from Greece offers a unique pairing opportunity with Anchovy Broccoli Pasta. The wine's rich citrus and stone fruit flavors meld seamlessly with the dish's ingredients, enhancing the broccoli's sweetness and balancing the anchovies' saltiness. The white florals add an aromatic lift, while the signature tartness and minerality from the volcanic soils refresh the palate. Assyrtiko's versatility makes it a great choice for this flavorful pasta.

A less common pairing for Anchovy Broccoli Pasta

Furmint from Hungary is an off-the-beaten-path option that pairs surprisingly well with Anchovy Broccoli Pasta. The wine's smoky hints and youthful citrus and orchard fruit create a fascinating contrast with the dish's rich and salty components. As Furmint evolves, its nutty and spicy notes can complement the broccoli's earthiness, making each bite more complex. Its lively tartness cuts through the oil, keeping the flavors balanced.

What wine goes with Anchovy Broccoli Pasta?

Anchovy Broccoli Pasta combines the savory, umami-rich flavor of anchovies with the earthy, slightly sweet taste of broccoli. The dish often features garlic, olive oil, and sometimes a touch of chili, creating a complex and flavorful profile. Pairing wines with this dish requires balancing these bold flavors while adding refreshing elements that cleanse the palate. Greco di Tufo, Vermentino, and Assyrtiko are excellent choices with their bright, citrusy, and herbal notes that complement the dish. For a less typical option, Furmint from Hungary offers a unique combination of smoky, citrus, and nutty flavors that elevate the pasta.

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